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25 years ago, Robinson paints & Improvements, Inc came to life, offering house painting services on the Eastside of Seattle. Between now and then we have grown from a one man painting operation to a comprehensive team of skilled and experienced contractors. For years we have prided ourselves on bringing the very best paint work to our residential customers, transforming their houses into fresh and beautiful looking homes. Take the stress out of having your home painted this summer with our residential painting services.


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Exterior House Painting

We've been delivering beautiful exterior painting to our customers for 25 years. Nothing adds more value to your home than a fresh coat of paint and we ensure its done safely, efficiently and with the upmost care. We'll bring a brand new feel to your home for everyone to see!

As residents of the Eastside of Seattle, we ourselves fully appreciate the sense of community that exits throughout our neighborhoods. We feel the common desire to maintain the beautiful suburban landscape that exists here and there is no better way to keep our homes looking polished than with fresh coat of paint.

Due to exposure to the natural elements, property exteriors will often show the first signs of wear, cracking and gradually deteriorating paint. At Robinson Paints & Improvements, we use the highest quality paint with maximum weather resistant formulas made to withstand the wet Seattle climate, so that your property will maintain its polished appearance for longer.

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We had confidence that Robinson Paints would do a great job because they work with DR Horton and we were not wrong. The quality and speed of the job was very high, the coverage was great and the crew member who did the touch ups at the end was amazing. He was able to find spots that even we missed when we did a walk-around. Thank you.

Mike and Chris Andrews

- Everett, WA

Interior House Painting

Robinson Paints & Improvements will bring a professional touch to your interior painting needs, saving you the time and hassle of having to do it yourself. Our experienced painting team will provide a custom paint job, delivering beautifully finished walls, ceilings and detailing, whilst paying extra attention to the unique elements of your property.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service every time, never leaving a customer unsatisfied and that it why we guarantee a flawless job, ensuring that every surface of your property that we paint will look perfect.

Once we have delivered a quote and a contract is signed, our team will get the ball rolling, by offering an expert color consultation so you can find the color scheme that perfectly fits the decor and ambience of your home.

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Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Cabinets are a common feature of everyones kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. However, choosing to replace your cabinets altogether can be a costly avenue to take, typically costing between $10,000 and $30,000 just for a kitchen remodel. 

Robinson Paints & Improvement can refinish your cabinets and make them look better than they did in the factory. On top of the endless color options available, giving you the brand-new and fresh look that you want, repainting will give you the freedom to keep your current cabinets and save you a significant portion of money.


Over the years, our customers have been pleasantly surprised that simply changing the color and texture of your cabinetry will have the same desired effect as changing them all together. Repainting is a significantly faster process, which will save you the hassle of a lengthy remodel and shorten the time your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom is out of commission. 

We have worked on all types of homes all over Seattle, including high-end homes that require luxurious finishes. Our extensive experience makes us the perfect option for your cabinet refinishing project.


Deck Staining

No matter how gorgeous your deck originally was when it was built, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear, especially in the wet Seattle climate.


Robinson Paints deck staining services, you will extend the life of your deck and prevent additional damage, such as splintering, warping, fading and rotting. We offer a variety of deck stains for you to choose from so you can find the perfect look, all while protecting your deck from the elements.

  • Solid: By getting a stain that has a solid color, you can hide blemishes in the wood grain. Other than being extremely durable, this option is ideal for composite decks.

  • Semi-transparent: With a semi-transparent stain, you can enjoy having a durable stain with a pigmented color. While it has some color, this stain allows you to see the natural grain of the wood.

  • Clear: A clear coat allows you to see all of the details of the wood. While it is ideal for seeing the wood grain, it has the least amount of UV protection.

  • Toners: Toners have a slight amount of color, which helps to highlight the wood grain. This option is more durable than a clear coat.


Fence Painting

Fences are integral to everyones home. They give you with privacy, protect your property and add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. 


Whether you buy treated or untreated wood for your newly built fence, leaving it unfinished, even for relatively short periods of time, can cause permanent damage that will reduce its lifespan and cause you to spend more money on replacing worn and rotting wood. 


Old fences that need repainting require even more attention as there are more steps are required to apply the new coat; sanding down old coats of paint, smoothing out chipped areas and applying multiple coats. This can be very time consuming for an individual trying to do it themselves. 

With our years of experience, Robinson Paints and Improvements can offer you a seamless service that will get your fence repainted faster, saving you the headache in the short term and more money in the long term. Some painting companies will try and reduce costs by using paint that will fade quicker but we never cut corners, only using quality, long lasting paint that will ensure your fence looks better for longer.


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